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The Best Know They Aren't Perfect

Performance psychologist Stu Singer has worked with some of the best basketball players in the world, including the 2019 WNBA Champion Washington Mystics. In that same year, he appeared on the Intentional Performers podcast, hosted by Brian Levenson, to share some of his experiences guiding top athletes.

"I've really come to understand that the elite of the elite are not elite because they're perfect, or that they even believe that they're perfect," Singer said, "They're elite because of how they approach their imperfection."

They don't blame it on somebody else.

They don't avoid competition or exposure as a way to hide it.

They don't pretend it doesn't exist.

Instead, they recognize it.

They seek it out.

They want to know exactly what's holding them back.

And then, they figure out how to improve.

They don't care how that process looks either, or how long it will take.

They just focus on getting better.

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