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Leadership Lexicon: Eddie Jones has Joined the Meeting

Last summer (2019), England Rugby Head Coach Eddie Jones was one of the presenters at Vern Gambetta's GAIN conference in Houston on the campus of Rice University.

Eddie's speech was one of the shortest that was given that week. But it's the one I remember the most.

Among his main points were two rules about the structure of every team meeting he has with his English squad. Fittingly, he stuck to these rules in his presentation as well:

  1. It will last no more than 15 minutes

  2. There will be no more than three main points

I love this. To me, it requires a filtering of what's most important, and reflects a recognition of a meeting's goal, which I believe is to align the team on the same thoughts and objectives. The concise clarity of Jones' rules allow that to be achieved.


While there isn't a publicly available video of his speech from Houston, Eddie recently appeared on GAIN's podcast to discuss game preparation. He touches on his team meeting rules at the 21:15 mark in the interview.

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