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Joe Gibbs Has Two Rules

When Michael Lepp, Senior Athletic Advisor for Joe Gibbs Racing, first met the team's namesake, he thought he was in for a lengthy sit down with one of football and auto racing's brightest minds. Instead, Gibbs kept it simple. He only had two rules:

  1. It's about people

  2. Don't embarrass the team

If the adage that simplicity lies on the other side of complexity has merit, Joe Gibbs provides the evidence. He won three Super Bowls as the Head Coach in Washington, and his racing team has won five NASCAR Cup Series Championships. Gibbs has also been inducted into the Pro Football and NASCAR Hall of Fame.

It's been eight months since I heard Lepp tell that story on the Where Others Won't podcast. But Gibbs' two rules stick with me.

That's the advantage of being concise.

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