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Forget About the Joneses

In 2018, the Loyola-Chicago Men's Basketball Team shocked the college basketball world, making a run to the Final Four as a #11 seed in the tournament. Along the way, the Ramblers beat Power Five opponents like Miami, Tennessee, and Kansas State, schools with far more resources and larger budgets.

So how did they do it? Their head coach, Porter Moser, explained the formula on Jon Gordon's Positive University podcast.

"Just be obsessed with what you can control, and it'll be amazing what transpires from there," He said.

Led by football and basketball, college athletics have become a battle of keeping up with the Joneses. Most schools are in a perpetual quest to keep up. Yet, few ever become the Joneses, and those that do often have a short window before they get replaced.

Recruiting the right athletes.

Skill development.

Student-Athlete relationships.

Team culture.

Training methods.

These are just some of the things we can control.

Complaining about what we don't have is a waste of energy. Becoming obsessed with what we do have creates opportunity.

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